JSC Holly Day Bakery Booth

This year we will not be holding a traditional Bakery Booth

If you are interested in contributing a Shelf Stable item that can stay fresh during the week of the auction please contact the Holly Day Chairs

For Future reference these are the guidelines for Bakery Booth


  • Do make 3 recipes
    • 2 hours per recipe – first two hours are standing project hours and the additional four hours are project baking/other hours
    • Three separate recipes, or 3xs whatever amount the recipe makes
  • Packaging
    • Be creative! You can go beyond plates/platters with items such as decorative mugs or wine glasses
    • Keep in mind, these are given as gifts, keep items smaller so they are priced to sell ($5-$25)
    • Make the items presentable on a nice platter, in a mug, mason jar, etc.
    • Wrap items in CLEAR cellophane.
  • Fill out your recipe tag with your name, email, and possible allergens
    • Recipe cards will be handed out at the December general meeting
  • Do drop your packaged bakery booth items off at: 
    • St. Henry's on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5 FROM 9 A.M. TO NOON. Please make arrangements to have someone else drop off your bakery items if you are unable to do so.
  • Check in with drop-off volunteers to get your name crossed off at drop-off


  • Packaging
    • Don’t use plastic or saran wrap
    • Don't use paper or Styrofoam plates
    • Don’t use red, green, blue, or any other color cellophane which prevents the items from being seen
  • Don’t make anything that needs to be kept cold, or at a certain temperature
  • Don’t use store bought goodies, these are supposed to be homemade
  • Don’t bake chocolate chip cookies or brownies unless you have signed up to do so 
  • Don't bring your baked goods to the December general meeting.  We don't have anywhere to store them until Saturday.
  • Don't bring items on Sunday morning - we need to have everything priced and ready on Saturday.
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